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Because it is our hobby, you will get the latest information on our cryptocurrency interests.

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We offer in-depth and informative guides full of crypto knowledge we would have liked to know early on.


If you have any questions please don’t hestitate to send us an email. We are always willing to give some crypto advice.


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By providing you with all the neccesary information right away, you can start your crypto career in a safe and easy way. Always use caution but with our guides you will go a long way in using cryptocurrency.

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We offer high-quality cryptocurrency guides

We explain the most important subjects first to give you a steady base to grow your knowledge on. Once you own a guide from us, every update it gets will be send to you for free for as long as you want it. We did write the first basic guide with a focus on beginners or someone who does not know anything about it at all. We had it read by d5


The blockchain is a huge concept to understand. In our guide we will explain it to you in an easy way so everyone will understand.

Quick results

After reading our guide you can make your choice of what you want to do within the crypto world and if you even want to start using the currency.

For everyone

Even if you have never heard about cryptocurrency, this guide will explain it from normal valuta to crypto valuta so you can relate and understand.

Birth and future

In June 2019 we released the first guide : Crypto Basic Guide 2019, wich will cover all basics about cryptocurrency and what you can do with it. Much more is on the agenda, the Crypto Trading Guide 2019 will come in October of 2019 and the Crypto Holding Guide 2019 will come in the first quarter of 2020.

Drive and background

We are 3 crypto enthusiasts driven by the interest for cryptocurrencies and the structure behind it. We trade on a daily basis and meet on a weekly basis to discuss the results and tactics. The guides we write are a direct result of those weekly meetings.

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Cryptology & Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptology? The definition of Cryptology is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication. It’s about constructing and analyzing protocols that prevent the public from reading private[…]

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top 5 crypto ledger

Top 5 Crypto Ledgers Top 5 Crypto Ledgers Hello, welcome back to’s blog! Today we will cover our top 5 Crypto Ledgers. Please consider that this is our opninion and it can[…]

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Crypto Basic Guide 2019

Crypto Basic Guide 2019 is out now!

Just $15 until 23th of july! Every 10th copy sold get’s 0,05 Ethereum (worth $15,60 USD!!!) send with it! Buy and download at :…/crypto-basic-guide-2019-officia…/ We will contact every 10th buyer[…]

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